July 2019

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Phoon.




by Stewart Pringle. Directed by Fidelis Morgan.

Monday, 17 June 2019 at 7.30pm

Jim's run this pub theatre for as long as anyone can remember. It might be held together with gaffer tape and hope, but then so is Jim. It's got charm, anyway. It's got history. Punters used to queue thirty deep at the box office. To watch the deaths of kings and the fall of empires in a room above a pub. Play and a pint! Magic.

But while Jim's been keeping the lights on, the world's rolled on beneath him. Numbers are drying up and creditors are closing in. What Jim needs is one big hit to keep the wolf from the door, but the cupboard's bare. Well, it's almost bare...

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Curated by
Finborough Theatre Artistic Director Neil McPherson

Produced by Ben Chamberlain

Supported by

Oberon Books Richard Carne Trust Hogarth Estates Samuel French