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Other Productions

JAN - MARCH 2018

Into The Numbers (First Performance: 2 January 2018)

Imaginationship (First Performance: 7 January 2018)

Booby's Bay (First Performance: 30 January 2018)

Cyril's Success (First Performance: 4 February 2018)

Returning To Haifa (First Performance: 27 February 2018)

Checkpoint Chana (First Performance: 4 March 2018)

MAR - JUN 2018

White Guy On The Bus (First Performance: 27 March 2018)

Death of a Hunter (First Performance: 1 April 2018)

Masterpieces (First Performance: 1 May 2018)

Gracie (First Performance: 1 May 2018)

The Biograph Girl (First Performance: 22 May 2018)

Break of Noon (First Performance: 27 May 2018)

Finishing The Picture (First Performance: 12 June 2018)

JUN - AUG 2018

But It Still Goes On (First Performance: 10 July 2018)

Homos, Or Everyone in America (First Performance: 7 August 2018)

Square Rounds (First Performance: 4 September 2018)

A Winning Hazard (First Performance: 9 September 2018)


Neil McPherson