For hire details, please email us for a copy of our information pack at admin@finboroughtheatre.co.uk

Please note that the Finborough Theatre does not programme any work that has been produced anywhere in London in the last 25 years (including transfers from other venues), and only programmes runs of four weeks or ten performance runs on Sunday and Monday evenings and Tuesday matinees.


Please see the separate page for Literary Opportunities here



Please note that we cannot accept any applications for internships starting beyond two months in the future, or - for insurance reasons - any work experience placements for anyone under 18.

Founded in 1980, the multi-award-winning Finborough Theatre presents new British writing, UK premieres of overseas drama, particularly from the United States, Canada, Ireland and the English-speaking world, music theatre and an idiosyncratic selection of unjustly neglected work from the last 200 years. The Finborough Theatre focuses not only on the play, but on the total theatrical experience - regularly attracting the finest emerging directors and designers to work with award-winning actors.

The Finborough Theatre Internship Programme offers practical experience to bridge the gap between academia and the world of professional theatre, and is designed so that volunteers can also continue with paid employment at the same time. We seek bright, creative, reliable and self-motivated individuals.

As the Finborough Theatre is such an intimate space, we have found from many of our volunteers who have also volunteered for other venues that they get considerably more out of the experience of working with us for the simple reason that they are immediately thrust into the heart of the action, and get to closely interact with our staff and visiting professionals. Many of our previous interns have gained excellent paid employment through the experience gained with their work with us. The Finborough Theatre celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2010 and enjoys an enviable reputation – and a recognizable name – with theatre employers.

After an introductory period where you will take a hands-on role in the running of an multi-award-winning Off-West End theatre, we endeavour to provide you with opportunities that directly relate to your specific theatrical interests. Opportunities to progress have included assisting stage managers and designers. Others have stage managed productions themselves, managed press, marketing and publicity and read for our Literary Department. Interns who show an interest and capability in taking on greater responsibility may also have the opportunity to take on Assistant General Management and General Management positions.

Each intern will also have access to mentoring advice from Artistic Director Neil McPherson (who has 30 years experience in professional theatre) to provide support and advice on pastoral issues, personal development to help prepare them for a career in professional theatre and obtaining paid employment elsewhere.

This internship offers experience of running a theatre including Box Office, marketing, PR, literary duties and casting.
Responsible to: the Artistic Director and General Manager

Responsibilities may include:
Administrative duties.
Box Office management.
Day to day maintenance a small, fast-paced office and venue.
Casting (when required by the theatre's schedule). Specific duties include communicating with agents and artists, preparing audition materials, maintaining casting files, and attending casting meetings, readings, and plays.
Marketing / PR (when required by the theatre's schedule). Specific duties include maintenance of the Press List, overseeing and executing mailings and - in some cases - liasing with members of the Press.
Literary Department duties (when required by the theatre's schedule).
Fundraising duties.
While every effort is made to make internships a valuable educational experience, everyone working at the theatre is expected to perform a variety of tasks, not all of which will be glamorous.

Person Specification:
Energetic individual with a passion for Theatre.
Detail oriented.
Able to work independently and under pressure. (Scant resources mean that supervision will often be minimal and so the ability to work independently is of paramount importance).
Able to take on additional tasks (however small they may be).
Excellent level of written and spoken English.
Computer literate including good typing skills
Experience in a retail environment is desirable, but not essential.

We can only accept interns who can work with us for at least a month, for at least four days a week, usually from 5pm-10pm, including one weekend evening. Please note that there is a three week probationary period.

This position offers hands-on experience of theatre production.
Responsible to: the Director of the Production and the Artistic Director

Duties may include:
Setting up and running rehearsal schedules.
Liaising with Designers concerning procuration of props, furniture and set dressing.
Managing the properties budget.
Supervising the 'get in' and 'get out'.
Compiling and operating the show from the prompt copy.
Running the sound and lighting boards during performances.
Liaising with the Director.
Calling actors for rehearsals and performances.
While every effort is made to make internships a valuable educational experience, everyone working at the theatre is expected to perform a variety of tasks, not all of which will be glamorous.
If you are particularly interested in a specific area of Production - i.e. costumes, set design - it may be possible for you to specialise in these areas, subject to the theatre's schedule.

Person Specification:
Energetic individual with a passion for Theatre
Detail oriented
Able to encourage a team atmosphere
Able to take on additional tasks (however small they may be)
Excellent level of written and spoken English

By negotiation. We only accept interns who can work with us for at least a month and for more than three days/evenings a week, but the demands of this job usually require a full time commitment over a four week period during rehearsals. For Technical Operation, the normal commitment is five evenings and two afternoons a week. Please note that there is a three week probationary period.

Responsible to: the Artistic Director

Responsibilities include:
Keeping an up-to-date inventory of all technical equipment
Training Stage Management on use of equipment
Assisting visiting lighting and sound designers during each ‘get-in’ and ‘get-out’
Maintaining technical equipment
Maintaining stocks of technical consumables.

Person Specification:
Energetic individual with a passion for Theatre
Detail oriented
Able to work independently

.Most Technical Management work occurs over the weekends when productions change. This usually means working late on a Saturday evening and all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and sometimes the following weekend if there is a Sunday/Monday production programmed. Please note that there is a three week probationary period.

When do you accept applications?
At any time. We are particularly interested in interns for quieter periods like December and January. Please note that we cannot accept any applications for internships starting beyond two months in the future. Any applications for internships starting in more than two months time will be ignored.

How do I apply for an internship?
Please see below.

How long does an internship last?
We can only accept interns who can work with us for at least a month. We only accept interns who can work at least a four days a week, usually from 5pm-10pm, including at least one weekend evening.

Is an internship full time?
We ask interns to commit to a minimum of four evenings a week. This enables interns to get the most out of the projects they are working on and to feel part of the team but also gives them the freedom to carry out other paid employment at the same time. For production interns, the time demands may be more.

When are interviews held?
One interview day a month is held, usually towards the middle of the month.

What if I am not able to attend the interview day?
We only accept interns who can attend the interview day.

Do I need a work visa to apply?
No. Internships are voluntary, unpaid roles and you do not require a work visa.

Do you offer acting or directing internships?

Is there a probationary period?
Yes. We usually specify a three week probationary period for both us and the intern.

I would like to work with you, but am not sure which position would suit me?
Please let us know what areas of the theatre that you are particularly interested in or intend to make your career. We do try and tailor the jobs to fit your interests and aspirations wherever possible (within the constraints of the theatre's needs).

Is there an age limit?
For legal and insurance reasons, you must be 18 or over. There is no upper age limit.

Do you take applicants from overseas?
Yes, as long as you have an excellent fluent level of written and spoken English.

What should I wear?
Dress is normally smart casual to casual. It helps if you have some clothes for dirty work or painting.

Are internships paid?
We regret that as the Finborough Theatre is a completely unsubsidised venue and a registered charity, we can only offer internships on a purely voluntary basis. We cannot pay expenses of any kind.

Can I work a second job to support myself?
Wherever possible, we will do everything we can to work around your paid work commitments.

Can I still claim Job Seekers' Allowance if I am an intern?
Yes, as long you continue to actively seek employment throughout the internship and you notify your Jobcentre of any expenses you are being reimbursed. Click here for more information.

What is my legal status as an intern in regard to National Minimum Wage?
As a registered charity, interns at the Finborough Theatre are legally classed as "voluntary workers" and are therefore exempt from NMW legislation. The legal position of our interns has been agreed and confirmed by HMRC, following a a lengthy consultation process with them.

Can I receive academic credit for my internship?
If interns wish to receive academic credit for their internship it is the intern's responsibility to make arrangements with the sponsoring institution. Academic credit is up to the discretion of the intern's college or university. We will provide the sponsoring institution any necessary reports or evaluations.

How flexible are the hours?
We are happy to work around your schedule where possible. Please note that working in theatre is rarely a “9 to 5” job and a degree of flexibility is required. We do expect that if you agree to a schedule that you honour it absolutely.

I'm not from London. What about housing?
Past interns have found affordable housing by staying with relatives or friends, finding a share, house-sitting, etc. If you don't have housing prospects already, you should be prepared to deal with it before committing to an internship. We regret that we can’t find accommodation for you.

Is prior experience required?
We look for people who have demonstrated a passion for working in the arts and who are at a point in their careers/education to strongly benefit from the experience we offer - but enthusiasm and commitment is more important than experience. We encourage applications from graduates from any personal, academic or professional background.

Please e-mail us at admin@finboroughtheatre.co.uk
It is recommended that you do not apply earlier than 2 to 3 months before you wish to start your internship. If you do not receive a reply within seven days, please email us again.

Please include the following, and please note that we cannot consider your application unless all of the information below is provided:
1. A CV / resume.
2. Clearly state which position you are interested in (or place the positions in order of preference if you would like to be considered for both).
3. Full details of your availability including when you would like to start and end the position, how many days a week you can commit to etc. Please provide actual dates of your availability to start and end the internship.
4. A Personal Statement. This statement should be 500 words or less and include information on your career objectives and how you expect to achieve them, what you expect from an internship at the Finborough Theatre internship, your experience and/or education in theatre, the qualities you possess that recommend you as a candidate for an internship. Your personal statement is a chance to reveal information about yourself that may not be represented in your CV.
(Letters of recommendation are not needed initially. If you are granted an interview, we will ask you to provide the names of two references.)
5. Please write your subject line in this style – "Production or Administration (please delete as appopriate" Internship and then your name", e.g. "Production Internship Walter Plinge" or "Administration Internship Mary MacLeod".

Please have a look around this website to learn more about our work. Please refrain from calling our office unless we have called you. Instead, use e-mail to ask questions and/or follow up on your application.

You will hear from us within a few days of your application. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to our interview day to find out more about the programme and for us to get to know you. If you are unsuccessful, we are sorry that we can't give you individual feedback.

Any questions?
If you have any further questions that are not answered above, please email us at admin@finboroughtheatre.co.uk


The next application round for the Resident Assistant Director Programme will be in August 2014.

As part of an individually tailored programme, the Resident Assistant Director will assist on Finborough Theatre productions, will attend programming and policy meetings, be responsible for assisting the Resident Casting Director and will also work closely with the Finborough's Literary Department as a scriptreader and on literary workshops. The successful applicant will also be required to support the management team of the Finborough Theatre with general administration throughout their placement. On successful completion of the placement, selected RADs will be offered the opportunity to present a Sunday/Monday production at the Finborough Theatre. Previous Resident Assistant Directors have gone on to permanent positions at venues such as the National Theatre, Clywd Theatr Cymru and the Donmar Warehouse.

Each RAD will be mentored by Artistic Director Neil McPherson (who has 30 years experience in professional theatre) to provide support and advice on pastoral issues, personal development to help prepare them for a career in professional theatre and obtaining paid employment elsewhere.

This is an unpaid, training position lasting six months. Intakes are in March and September. running from March to August 2014. A serious time commitment and focus on the theatre will be required, but it is expected that candidates will need to undertake other work to support themselves and every possible accommodation will be made. Candidates should not allow lack of funds to dissuade them from applying.

The programme is advertised to members of the Young Vic Genesis Directors Project.

On occasion, the post may not be advertised and may be filled internally from deserving candidates who have volunteered or worked at the theatre. If you are not a member of the Young Vic Genesis Directors Project and would like to apply, please write in February or August only. Please include your CV and a covering letter giving some details of why you believe you would be suitable for this post.

Recent graduates should please note that your application is more likely to be successful if you have completed a period of postgraduate study in directing or possess a equivalent period of relevant experience, particularly if your undergraduate degree was not theatre related. For those who have just graduated, we would recommend our internship programme first.


We advertise casting opportunities for our productions primarily using The Spotlight casting breakdown service. Please ask your agent to submit you.
We regret that we cannot send casting breakdowns to individual actors.
Please don't send unsolicited CVs and photographs, either by post or by email, as we don't have the storage space to keep them.
If you don't have an agent, please visit our Productions page where all forthcoming productions are announced and submit yourself about six weeks before the production by post. However, a submission in answer to a specific advert is always preferred and more likely to get you an audition.
Please post any submissions, using ordinary post, not registered or recorded delivery. Please do not email, phone or visit.
If you would like us to see you in your work, please see the Invitations section below.
We do nearly all our casting using The Spotlight, so please do ensure that your CV on Spotlight is kept fully up to date. It would be helpful to keep it updated regularly with your current and forthcoming availability, and especially helpful to include details on where you trained and for how long a period.


If you have a production which you want us to see, please do send us details. We will do our very best to send someone to see your production. Please note that if we cannot reply to your invitation, it doesn't mean we are not interested and haven't taken note of your work. Unfortunately, though, the logistics of running an unsubsidised theatre and the number of invitations that we are sent mean that we cannot offer feedback on your work.

Please email details only to admin@finboroughtheatre.co.uk


As an unfunded theatre, we regret that we do not have time to grant interview or questionnaire requests for dissertations or academic projects. This website should be able to answer most of your questions. The archive of the Finborough Theatre is placed with the Theatre Museum.